SANTA FE—Saturday night, the House of Representatives approved Rep. Yvette Herrell’s effort to protect New Mexico’s pecan growers. Her measure, House Bill 214, passed by a vote of 60 to 2.  


HB 214, also known as the Pecan Buyers Licensure Act, creates a state licensing and oversight process for in-shell pecan buyers. This licensure process will help protect pecan growers from crop theft, which has become an increasing problem in the industry. The bill also sets penalties for violators who purchase large quantities of pecans without a license.  


“Every year, New Mexico’s pecan growers have incurred increasingly larger losses at the hand of thieves who raid their pecan groves and then sell their ill-gotten gains to unsuspecting or unscrupulous buyers,” said Rep. Herrell. “By creating a state licensing system, we can help prevent this theft and protect a major driver of New Mexico’s economy. 


HB 214 now moves to the Senate for consideration.