SANTA FE—Rep. Jane Powdrell-Culbert presented her proposal to address the criminal justice “revolving door” problem in New Mexico to the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee this afternoon.  


House Bill 242 limits the reduction, deferment or suspension of sentences for robbery or aggravated burglary. It also prevents courts from entering a conditional discharge order for individuals found guilty of robbery while armed with a deadly weapon or aggravated burglary.  


Unfortunately, HB 242 was tabled by the committee on a party-line vote with all of the Democrats voting to table the bill and all of the Republican members voting to allow it to move forward.  


“New Mexico must do more to hold violent repeat criminals accountable for their actions, especially those actions that harm innocent victims,” said Rep. Powdrell-Culbert. “Criminals who receive light sentences for their offenses are emboldened to continue committing violent acts on the citizens throughout our state. Although this measure failed to advance today, I will continue my efforts to make New Mexico safer for everyone.”