New Mexico Democrats Work to Ensure “Status Quo” Abortions Continue

SANTA FE – House Democrats worked late into the evening on Wednesday to ensure New York isn’t alone in radical, full-term abortion laws. House Democrats passed House Bill 51 which removed critical protections for medical professionals by a vote of 40-29. During debate, the sponsor of the bill admitted current law in New Mexico allows for an abortion when there is a healthy mother and child up until the moment of birth.  Democrats routinely referred to New Mexico’s anti-abortion law as “antiquated” and said HB 51 only upholds the “status quo.”

During the debate, Democrats confirmed this is the “status quo” for abortion in New Mexico:

  • Elective abortion is legal in the state up to the day of birth even when there isn’t a medical necessity.
  • A girl of 12 or 13 can receive an abortion without parental notification.
  • Underage victims of sex trafficking can be coerced into abortion without parental notification.
  • A procedure that is legal for late term abortion in New Mexico is illegal to use on animals because it is “cruel and inhumane.”

“It is clear the status quo in New Mexico is unacceptable to anyone who cherishes life,” said Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). “As this bill moves forward I hope all New Mexicans who value life will watch closely to see if their representative truly represents their values.”

“I believe the people of New Mexico are waking up to what the status quo is in our state,” said Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Carlsbad). “Abortion is child abuse and New Mexico deserves better.”

The opposition to House Bill 51 is bipartisan as six House Democrats joined Republicans to vote for life.