Santa Fe – House Democrats worked to support Santa Fe union interests and more expensive projects in a vote against New Mexico’s Right to Work counties on Friday. Across the state, 10 counties have passed Right to Work resolutions which mean county residents are not required to join or pay dues to a union in order to get a job. In a 43-23 vote House Democrats supported House Bill 85 (HB 85) which is an effort to overrule Right to Work resolutions already enacted across New Mexico.

“Our county leaders know their communities better than Santa Fe politicians,” said Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). “This is what happens when Democrats in Santa Fe overrule rural New Mexico.”

Democrat and Republican leaders all over New Mexico have supported Right to Work resolutions to help grow the economy. If HB 85 is signed into law, it would almost certainly lead to expensive lawsuits as counties fight Democrat’s efforts to prop up their Santa Fe interests and overrule local elected leaders.