Santa Fe – As New Mexico enjoys a record budget surplus, House Democrats voted 40-25 to pass the largest tax increase in the state’s history late Friday. Democrats passed House Bill 6 which siphons over half a billion dollars from the wallets of New Mexico’s families to fund a Santa Fe agenda. House Bill 6 raises income taxes, car registration fees and tobacco taxes all of which are directly aimed at working families across New Mexico.

“To assume New Mexico’s families are going to be happy with this cash grab is insulting their intelligence,” said Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington). “Working families across our state couldn’t be clearer; they want government to stop taking all their money.”

House Bill 6 will raise taxes on all New Mexicans making $17,000 or more. Among the most egregious tax increases in the bill:

·       An increase in personal income taxes to raise nearly $200 million

·       An increase in local taxes of nearly $200 million

·       An increase in vehicle registration fees to raise $37 million

·       An increase in the cost of purchasing a vehicle to raise $65 million

·       Increase taxes on hospital services to raise $100 million

·       Raise taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products to collect $23 million

“This massive increase will reach into the pocket of every New Mexican,” said Rep. Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho). “When our state has a record budget surplus it’s despicable that leaders in Santa Fe can’t be responsible enough to spend without harming families.”