Vote Comes Less Than a Week After Democrats Pass Largest Tax Increase In New Mexico History

Santa Fe – Not satisfied with passing the largest tax increase in history, House Democrats voted 44-24 to begin the process to pay legislators a salary. House Democrats have introduced House Joint Resolution 5 (HJR 5) which would create a commission to determine how much to pay legislators. The vote on Wednesday comes less than a week after House Democrats passed the largest tax increase in the history of state which will cost tax payers over half a billion dollars.

“We can’t justify a massive tax increase when we have a record budget surplus and there’s definitely no way New Mexicans will accept a bill to pay ourselves,” said Rep. Paul Bandy (R-Aztec). “We pay members of Congress, I don’t think many would argue we always get the best result just because we pay them.”

Members of the House of Representatives currently receive Per Diem pay for every day they are fulfilling their official duties. Additionally, members who serve only 5 years are entitled to Legislative Retirement payments for the rest of their lives.

HJR 5 will now go to the Senate and would go to the voters if it passes the Legislature. All Republicans in the House of voted against increasing legislator’s compensation.