Every House Republican Commits to Disclosing All Infrastructure Requests

Santa Fe –House Republicans are making it clear that infrastructure requests should be fair and open to the public, including Capital Outlay and so-called “junior money.” 

Capital Outlay is the funding used to finance public works projects all over New Mexico. Each year, local leaders work with their legislator to identify the most needed projects in their district and to get those projects funded through capital outlay. This year, the Speaker of the House unilaterally worked to seize half the Capital Outlay dollars to go through a committee controlled by the House Democrats, subjecting the funds to political shenanigans.

Instead of submitting public funds to such a political process, every House Republican will spend an equal share of Capital Outlay funding on projects suggested by local leaders. Additionally, every House Republican will publically disclose their projects to ensure total transparency.

“These dollars belong to the taxpayers and they deserve to know how they’re being spent,” said House Minority Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia). “We’re proud to lead the way in making these requests public and we call on our House Democrat colleagues to do the same.”

Additionally, House Republicans will be making public their funding requests in the so-called “junior money” bill as well. This funding mechanism, not used since 2007, provides an additional $30 million in new money to go toward numerous projects.