July 30, 2019 

 SANTA FE—New Mexico Rep. Kelly Fajardo (R-Los Lunas) has been tapped to serve on the Executive Board of the Women’s Legislative Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Fajardo will be formally installed to the Executive Board during the NCSL’s Legislative Summit scheduled for August 6th in Nashville, Tennessee.  

The Women’s Legislative Network is a professional development organization within the NCSL that was established in 1985. It includes all women legislators serving in a state or territorial legislature in the United States. Its mission is to promote the participation, empowerment, and leadership of women legislators. 

The Executive Board governs the activities of the Women’s Legislative Network. Its 15 members are politically and regionally balanced. Each of NCSL’s four regions is represented by a Republican and Democrat legislator, and there are two national at-large positions as well. Fajardo was selected to fill one of the at-large seats on the Executive Board.  

“Over 2,000 women serve in legislatures across the United States—the most in our country’s history. NCSL’s Women’s Legislative Network connects women legislators to help us become better advocates for our constituents and each other,” said Fajardo. “Gender representation should not be a partisan issue. We need women leaders on both sides of the aisle to create real political and cultural change. I specifically would like to encourage more women legislators to get involved with policy areas not typically seen as ‘women’s issues,’ such as cybersecurity, energy policy, and financial services.” 

Fajardo is also the co-chair of the Women’s Caucus of the New Mexico Legislature. The group was formed earlier this year, and it includes 40 women legislators from both parties and representing all areas of the state.  

NCSL is a national organization that guides state legislatures on policy issues and legislative procedures. The bipartisan organization was established in 1975 to improve the operations and effectiveness of state legislatures through policy research, professional development, and the exchange of best practices. NCSL’s membership includes over 7,000 state lawmakers and 30,000 legislative staff. 

Earlier this month, Fajardo was also named to NCSL’s nominating committee. This select 12-member committee is responsible for choosing candidates for several key leadership positions for the organization.   

Fajardo has been an active member of NCSL since 2013. She currently sits on NCSL’s Task Force on Cybersecurity as well as its Communications, Financial Services & Interstate Commerce Committee.  

For more information on NCSL’s Women’s Legislative Network, visit NCSL’s website at