August 28, 2019

ARTESIA, NM—New Mexico House Republican Leader James Townsend (R-Artesia) issued the following statement in response to the state revenue estimates released today:

“This money should be used to invest in the economic future of New Mexico. It should not be used to bloat the size of government or throw good money after bad on failed policies and programs. As it stands, the state’s fortunes are tied to the oil and gas industry. While revenues are strong now, we all know that could change. Using this money to permanently expand the size of state government will only set up future state leaders for failure.

“Therefore, these new monies should be applied toward tangible investments that will propel our state’s economy forward. Projects like new interstate interchanges and other road improvements, rural broadband expansion, and meaningful gross receipts tax reform deserve priority. Now’s the time to be innovative. If we spend this money on the same old stale “big government” policies we’ve chased for years, we will have wasted this opportunity.”