September 11, 2019

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, NM—Rep Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences) was a guest of honor at the New Mexico Mining Association’s (NMMA) annual banquet held on September 5, 2019. The dinner was part of the organization’s 80th Annual Convention and Trade Show held at the New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico last week.

NMMA presented Dow with a special award in appreciation of her support of the copper industry in New Mexico. During the 2019 legislative session, Dow led the charge to defeat two bills, HB 220 and HB 255, that could have jeopardized thousands of good-paying mining jobs in New Mexico. These jobs provide the economic backbone for many communities in Dow’s House District 38, and thousands of residents in these communities rallied to make their voices heard against this legislation.

“The copper industry supports many families in my district. I owe it to my constituents to stand up for these families and protect their ability to earn a good living close to home,” said Dow. “Copper mining jobs are a part of the Western way of life for many communities in southern New Mexico. While I am honored to receive this recognition from the New Mexico Mining Association, frankly, I was just doing my job as a state representative by speaking up for the thousands of New Mexicans who depend on this industry for their livelihoods.”

NMMA is based in Santa Fe, NM, and represents dozens of operator and associate members located throughout New Mexico and the southwestern United States. They celebrated 80 years of service in New Mexico at their annual convention held on September 4-6.


Rep. Rebecca Dow & Tony Trujillo, former Director of Government Relations for Freeport-McMoRan
Erich Bower, President of the New Mexico Mining Association, Rep. Rebecca Dow, Tony Trujillo.
Randy Ellison, Tony Trujillo, Danny Benavidez, Erich Bower, Rep. Rebecca Dow, Sherry Burt-Kested, Chad Fretz, Laura Phelps, Tom Shelley.