December 16, 2019

Washington, DC – Today, House Republican Floor Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) participated today in a roundtable discussion at the White House with President Trump, Vice President Pence and other state leaders to discuss how Federal and State governments can take needed action to reduce the number and costs of regulations in order encourage greater economic growth. The White House meeting discussed how to eliminate regulatory burdens which are holding back America’s communities and families, as well as how to reduce unnecessary regulations and duplicative permitting processes to accelerate energy development and infrastructure deployment.

“It was truly an honor to meet with the President and Vice President,” said Townsend.  “The fact that they are engaging New Mexico when it comes to reducing our regulatory burden across all sectors of our economy is not only encouraging, but welcome.   The President’s leadership has helped create 7 million jobs during the past three years and I look forward to continue working with his team to move New Mexico forward in a more prosperous direction.”

Today’s discussion focused on an array of policy proposals from state leaders from across the country, all of which were designed to enhance economic opportunities throughout the country.  The invited participants championed occupational licensing reforms to help those men and women who have been denied good paying jobs because of unnecessary regulations at all levels of government.  Rep. Townsend discussed reform proposals he has introduced in the past, but have been rejected by the Democratic-controlled New Mexico Legislature. “I have seen what overly burdensome regulations do to job creation.  They stop businesses from operating efficiently, they stop employers from hiring new employees, and it stops many people who rely on these jobs to provide for their families,” said Townsend.

Rep. Townsend also added, “I will be prefiling legislation in the State Legislature this week to lift costly and burdensome regulations associated with the construction industry and will be requesting a message from Governor Lujan Grisham so my legislation can be considered during the upcoming session.”

The Legislative session begins January 21st.