NM House Republicans will Stand for the 2nd Amendment and Call for Governor to Work with Sheriffs on Responsible Gun Laws


January 8, 2020

Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, m.garciasierra@nmlegis.gov

Santa Fe, NM- House Republicans will fight to protect New Mexican’s 2nd Amendment rights during the upcoming legislative session. The Governor announced today that her administration plans to push red flag gun legislation at the Roundhouse.

“This is essentially the same disregard of New Mexican’s rights that the Governor pushed for last year,” said House Minority Leader Jim Townsend, “After calling New Mexico Sheriffs ‘rogue’ and accusing them of them ‘throwing a childish pity party,’ it seems that this administration is continuing its antagonistic relationship with the gun owning public. We must work with law enforcement to develop common sense laws that protect the public. The criminal actions of a few do not outweigh the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

House Republicans are committed to working across the aisle on commonsense solutions to New Mexico’s out of control crime. Members look forward to open and transparent discussions with the Governor, Legislators, law enforcement and the public. This is a discussion that demands everyone have a seat at the table.