January 23, 2020

Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra,, 505-946-5358

Rep. Schmedes Responds to ABQ Hopelessness Survey

SANTA FE, NM— Recent reports confirm a consensus of hopelessness in New Mexico’s most populated city. Homelessness and record-breaking crime have been leading the headlines in Albuquerque, and according to a recent survey it has been revealed that public patience is waning. The City of Albuquerque released their annual “Citizen Satisfaction Survey” which was completed in November 2019. The year over year results in the specific questions that were asked in both 2018 and 2019, provide insight into New Mexico’s largest city. Residents feelings of hopefulness about the direction the community is moving in dropped nearly 20% from the 2018 results. Additionally, 18% more respondents expressed they are “concerned” about the direction of the city.

“Mayor Keller’s staff dismissed citizens concerns referring to the results as a ‘snapshot in time’ tying it to media coverage of record-breaking crime” said Rep. Gregg Schmedes (R-Tijeras), “Just in my small circle of friends and family, all have been affected by crime this past year. The concerns and feelings of hopelessness in Albuquerque directly mirrors the sentiment across New Mexico. I am carrying legislation to fix our criminal justice system, and I call on Mayor Keller to support my crime initiative to protect our families.”

In 2019, Albuquerque recorded its highest homicide rate in the city’s history. Representative Schmedes introduced today, House Bill 203 which will address the catch and release loophole in New Mexico’s courts by making it harder for repeat offenders to continue targeting our communities. NM House Republican leaders are continuing their longstanding work to pass crime focused bills in the 2020 legislative session.

“Crime is an epidemic in our communities and Mayor Keller is not listening to his citizens. Despite that I am hopeful that the Democrat leadership finally takes this problem into consideration,” said Rep. Schmedes, “Just four years ago the Speaker ended session by complaining about the ‘all crime all the time’ Republican agenda.”