February 5, 2020

Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra,

‘The People’s Budget’ voted down by Democrats

Santa Fe, NM- House Democrats today voted down ‘The People’s Budget,’ a proposal presented by Representative Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho) as an alternative to House Bill 2. 

“It is shocking that our colleagues continue to spend at these reckless levels, worse than Governor Richardson’s spending,” said Representative Jason Harper, “The People’s Budget was a proposal that had the potential to radically improve educational outcomes and provided New Mexicans with relief from over-taxation.”

Representative Harper’s proposal would have increased the state budget by a reasonable and sustainable 4.3%, paid every New Mexican a $200 payment from the recent surplus, and created a game changing program aimed at improving academic progress for at-risk students.

“Democrats in the Governor’s office and in the legislature have proven once again that they shouldn’t be trusted with your checkbook,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya.

The Peoples Budget proposal was voted down by a party line vote in the chamber late Wednesday afternoon.

“By increasing our state budget by 20% in the last two years the Democrats in control have set us up for future budget cuts and massive tax increases,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend, “Our budget would have established a sustainable path to prosperity without burdening our wage-earners.”