February 7, 2020

Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra,

House GOP response to Red-flag law

SANTA FE, NM— Senate Bill 5, the red-flag gun law, passed the Senate today and moves to the House for debate. The red-flag legislation being pushed by the Governor and progressive Democrats received considerable opposition from New Mexico Sheriffs, and 2nd Amendment activists from across the state.

“Our Constitutional rights will not be taken without a floor fight,” said House Whip Rod Montoya, “Put aside the fact they are attacking our constitutional rights, this law has many flaws and causes much confusion for gun owners. It will place our law enforcement officers in danger when they arrive at a law abiding citizens home and enter to remove their firearms without due process.”

SB 5 was approved by the Senate on a vote of 22-20. The red-flag law moves to the House of Representatives and is expected to be sent to committees in the coming days.

“I understand the Democrats want to quickly get this law on the books, but it is irresponsible to pass legislation that is unenforceable,” said Representative Alonzo Baldonado, “The question of due process and the other controversies surrounding the red-flag alarmist mentality should give all New Mexicans pause when they check to see how their Senators voted.”