House GOP blasts absurd ethics claim and misuse of new Ethics Commission

Santa Fe – House Republican Leadership today blasted an absurd and improper ethics complaint, and asked the State Ethics Commission to immediately dismiss the politically motivated claim. The three-time democrat challenger of Representative Rebecca Dow filed the absurd claim just as the window for investigation closed, meaning that the newly formed Ethics Commission will pause their investigations until after the November election. However, under current state law [Section 10-16G-15(B) NMSA 1978], the State Ethics Commission has the authority to dismiss ethics complaints filed less than 60 days before a primary or general election which are frivolous or unsubstantiated.  House Republican Leader Jim Townsend, GOP Whip Rod Montoya, and GOP Caucus Chair Candy Ezzell, together strongly urged the Ethics Commission to dismiss the complaint as nothing more than a partisan attempt to politicize the new Ethics Commission.

In requesting the State Ethics Commission dismiss this ethics complaint, House GOP Leadership stated in the letter that “this absurd complaint has no basis of fact and inappropriately tries to impinge the stellar reputation of an honorable public official.” The letter also referenced several established facts that counter the allegations and made a convincing case why the complaint was “completely unfounded and without substantiation.” The letter further requested that once the State Ethics Commission dismisses the complaint, such action should be publicly announced to help restore the public’s trust that the Commission will not be a party to political malfeasance and manipulation.  

“Issuing an ethics complaint just weeks before the November election reveals the desperation of the progressive radicals- they are willing to taint a brand new ethics commission just to score a headline,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “Karen might be ok with brushing off the tinge of political malfeasance in her complaint, but I am certain that the Ethics Commission will see through these absurd claims coming from someone who has not stopped running for office since she lost in 2016.”

“It is unfortunate that political stunts like this could define the work of the new Ethics Commission,” said Republican Whip Rod Montoya. “I certainly hope that the commission acts swiftly to dismiss this frivolous and unfounded claim, otherwise public trust will remain a massive issue with New Mexicans.”