House GOP calls out progressives for silence that justifies public destruction

Farmington – Following the destruction of one of New Mexico’s oldest historic monuments, House Democrats released a statement “condone[ing] violence,” and later corrected it to “condemn[ing] violence.” The Freudian slip follows months of silence by progressive lawmakers on the violent and destructive – “mostly peaceful protests.”

The statement, released two days after the City of Santa Fe allowed this destruction to take place, reveals the corner progressive leaders have painted themselves into after months of inciting anger and pandering to mobs. While originally, the statement read the Representatives “condone violence,” it was later corrected to “condemn violence.”  However, their remaining statement justifies the very actions they are claiming to condemn.

“For seven months we have watched destruction of public property by unruly mobs, among other acts of violence,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington). “For those who have quietly emboldened this chaos and fed into the disunity taking place, to all of a sudden condemn the very thing their silence has created is astonishing. Condemning what took place in the Santa Fe plaza and in the next sentence lecturing everyone on why it happened is completely disingenuous and uncredible.”