House GOP blasts Governor for not taking responsibility of COVID crisis

Santa Fe- Today, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham extended the economic shutdown citing concerns over the increase in COVID-19 cases, despite the state having some of the most restrictive public health orders in the nation.  House Republican Leader Jim Townsend and Whip Rod Montoya expressed their apprehensions about the Governor’s continued threats of further economic shutdowns without any discernible public plans on reopening or how to stop the spread in an already hyper-restricted state. According to (as of Oct. 15), New Mexico has led the nation in virus spread over the past month, while also maintaining some of the nation’s most restrictive health orders.

“The Governor has devastated the economy in New Mexico with her forced economic shutdown, yet the recent COVID cases continue to rise,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya.  “At what point does she stop blaming the people of this state, who are under her restrictions, and when do we start holding the Governor accountable for her mismanagement of this crisis?”

Since March, the Governor’s health order mandates have resulted in over 100,000 New Mexicans losing their jobs, thousands of businesses closing, and students across the state being prevented from going to school and participating in athletic activities. The Governor continues to make the politically charged accusation that the President’s administration is somehow responsible for the economic pain being felt across the state, yet she does not take accountability for New Mexico’s collapsing economy, sky-rocketing unemployment, and why the spread is highest in the nation despite the Governor’s strict mandates for shutting down the state.

“Instead of constantly blaming President Trump, the Governor should take responsibility for her own mishandling of the public health orders,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend.  “It is time for a different approach that protects our most vulnerable while allowing our kids to go back to school and to allow small businesses to open. The Governor is solely responsible for the economic suffering and disenfranchisement of New Mexicans, not the President.”