Magnificent vistas immortalized in the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Two world-renowned national energy laboratories.  Hundreds of years of vibrant culture.  The first uranium enrichment facility to be built in the US in almost 30 years.  An international border trade zone that is rapidly developing into a powerful economic force.  New Mexico has resources that are unmatched by most states.

New Mexico also faces challenges unlike those in almost any other state.  More than sixty years of Democratic control and obstruction have left New Mexico at the bottom of virtually every list measuring the health and welfare of states.  Even during the two years in which Republicans held the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, Democrats – who continued to hold a majority of seats in the Senate – killed virtually every piece of meaningful reform which passed the House.

While we no longer have the majority in the House, Republicans remain committed to fighting for policies which will allow a vibrant private sector to emerge, grow, and thrive; for policies that will create safer communities; for policies that will reform the education system which is continually letting our children down; and institutional reforms that will make the business of the legislature more professional and transparent.

House Republicans believe that New Mexico has unlimited potential that has been constrained by the misguided – if well-intended – policies of Democrats for several generations.  We remain committed to putting forth policies which unleash this potential and to pointing out when Democrats continue to propose policies that are detrimental to the future that we all deserve