Rep. Schmedes calls on US AG Barr for civil rights investigation into NM senior citizen evictions

Rep. Schmedes asks US Attorney General to look into Senior Care Center evictions, following no response from NM AG Tijeras, NM– State Representative Gregg Schmedes (R-Tijeras) sent a letter to US Attorney General Bill Barr today, asking for his office to investigate evictions at New Mexico senior care facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. Rep. Schmedes […]

NM House GOP Announces lawsuit against Governor

House Republicans announce Legal Action against the Governor New Mexico– House Republicans announced today that a team of attorneys has been assembled in preparation to file a lawsuit against Governor Lujan Grisham.  The specifics of this legal action will be made once the suit is filed. “We have heard from jobless workers and businesses across the state and […]

Rep Gregg Schmedes Requests AG Investigation Into Eviction of Resident

Rep Gregg Schmedes Requests AG Investigation Into Eviction of Residents at Albuquerque Rehab Facility Tijeras, N.M.– Today, Representative Gregg Schmedes (R-Tijeras) sent a letter to NM Attorney General Hector Balderas requesting an investigation into the eviction of senior residents with disabilities of Canyon Transitional Rehabilitation Center in Albuquerque. An investigative report by an Albuquerque television […]

House GOP Leader Jim Townsend Questions House Speaker on Governor’s Abuse of Power

House GOP Leader Jim Townsend Questions House Speaker on Governor’s Abuse of Power, How the Special Session will be Conducted, and Stopping the Raid on NM’s Permanent Fund Artesia, NM – House Republican Leader Jim Townsend sent House Speaker Brian Egolf a three-page letter highlighting three important issues which could greatly impact upcoming special session […]

House GOP Leader Townsend sends letter to US Attorney General

House GOP Leader Jim Townsend sends letter to US Attorney General Artesia, NM– House Republican Leader Jim Townsend recently sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr highlighting potential civil rights violations in New Mexico. The letter was sent just days after the 24 House Republican members delivered a letter addressing similar concerns to Governor […]

House GOP seeks answers for the sake of NM

House Republicans seek answers for the sake of every New Mexican Santa Fe, NM– After weeks of Government imposed shutdowns and plummeting oil prices, House Republicans would like for Governor Lujan Grisham to address the following questions concerning the budget crisis: Municipalities across the state, including the City of Santa Fe, have recently notified employees of […]

House GOP ask for justice, fairness, and equity for NM

House Republicans ask for justice, fairness and equity for New Mexico Santa Fe, NM– Today, all 24 New Mexico House Republican members delivered a letter to Governor Lujan Grisham highlighting the need for her to modify her Public Health Orders to ensure all New Mexicans are treated with justice, fairness, and equity. The letter outlines […]

House GOP Reps raise concern about NM hospitals

House GOP Representatives urge Governor to reconsider policies on hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis Santa Fe, NM– In recent weeks, reports have arisen that hospitals in New Mexico are reducing the hours and pay of some of their employees. The move is a direct result of the Governor’s order to pause elective surgeries and restrict […]

House GOP Whip response to Gov’s ban on churches

Republican Whip Rod Montoya responds to Governor’s order to ban churches and places of worship Farmington, NM- With just over 8-hours to go before Easter Sunday, the Governor’s office sent out an emergency executive order adding churches and places of worship to her list of banned mass gatherings. The email was sent out to the […]

GOP Leaders weigh in on Democrat push for one-topic special session

House GOP Leadership weigh in on Democrat push to hold a one-topic special Legislative Session April 10, 2020 Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, Santa Fe, NM– House Republicans continue to call for a special session to address the economic crisis unfolding in New Mexico.  The ongoing pressure to address economic concerns continues, while some Democrat leaders […]

NM GOP Rep. calls on Congress for support for rural NM

GOP Rep. Gail Armstrong calls on NM Congressional delegation to take action to create more opportunities for rural economy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, Magdalena, NM– State Rep. Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena) recently sent a letter to the New Mexico Congressional delegation requesting that their offices co-sponsor legislation to reopen the application process to […]

GOP Rep. calls for NM GRT deferral

March 24, 2020 Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, GOP Rep. Powdrell-Culbert Calls for Tax Deferral During COVID-19 Crisis in New Mexico Corrales, NM– The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department announced recently that it was granting a time extension until July 25, 2020 for small businesses to file tax returns and payments for Gross Receipt Taxes […]

CYFD visitation concerns arise amidst COVID-19 crisis

Rep. Rebecca Dow Sends Letter to Governor Over CYFD Visitation Concerns Arise Amidst COVID-19 Truth or Consequences, NM– With social distancing instructions coming from the Governor’s office, the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD) must provide supportive guidance to foster families during the COVID-19 crisis. Representative Rebecca Dow (R- T or C) sent a letter […]

GOP calls for special budget session

House GOP Calls on Governor to Convene a Special Legislative Session to Proactively Address the Looming State Financial Crisis Santa Fe, NM– New Mexico’s budget is experiencing major upheaval from the recent oil market crash and the response to COVID-19. State revenues are plummeting, and many small businesses and their employees are facing untold consequences […]

NM budget concerns arise amid Saudi oil price cuts

NM budget concerns skyrocket amidst steep oil price drop FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 9, 2020 Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, Santa Fe, NM– With just days remaining for the New Mexico budget to be signed and approved by the Governor, today’s news headlines showing plunging oil prices and large losses on Wall Street indicate major concerns […]

GOP Leader calls for veto of anti-transparency bill

NM House GOP Leader calls on Governor to veto bill that limits transparency and open records Santa Fe, NM– New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham has one week left to take final action on legislation from the 2020 Legislature. Out of the many out-of-touch bills that were passed, House Bill 364 has sparked intense interest in […]

Rep. Dow delivers on promise to NM Veterans

Representative Dow delivers crucial veterans services in 2020 Santa Fe, NM– Representative Rebecca Dow (R- Truth or Consequences) delivered on her promise to constituents to request funding for crucial veterans services in New Mexico. Originally Rep. Dow’s request was presented in HB 192, which passed unanimously in the House Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, […]

GOP instructs Legislative Council to publish capital outlay reports

House GOP instructs Legislative Council to publish Capital Outlay expenditures on web Santa Fe, NM– The 2020 Legislative session wrapped up just a week ago and many bills are awaiting action by the Governor. Somewhere in the cache of legislation on the Governor’s desk are the familiar, yet not so transparent legislative capital outlay expenditures. […]

2020 Post-session press conference

Late-night bill passage flouts current NM policy

Late-night bill passage flouts current NM policy Santa Fe, NM– In another late-night session Democrats quickly rushed through SB 137 which allows any person to obtain an occupational license regardless of citizenship or immigration status. While Democrats framed it as a bill to help DACA beneficiaries, the legislation in fact does not have limitation on […]

Governor’s power grab is approved by Democrats

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 16, 2020 Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, Governor’s power grab is approved by Democrat lawmakers Santa Fe, NM– The Governor’s unconstitutional power play to strip the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) of their ability to protect utility rate payers in the state passed the House of Representatives. House Bill 11, sponsored […]

House GOP fights against Democrats health tax increase

House GOP fights for New Mexicans against Democrats cash grab health insurance tax increase Santa Fe, NM- Today House Democrats passed HB 278, the Health Insurance Tax & New Fund bill. The measure will create a 300% tax increase on New Mexico health insurance premiums. Representative Deborah Armstrong (D-Albuquerque) is sponsoring the legislation following the […]

House GOP urges Governor to act on repeal of Social Security tax

House GOP urges Governor to support Social Security tax repeal with budget reductions Santa Fe, NM- House Republicans are standing with their colleagues, Representative Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena) and Representative Cathrynn Brown (R-Carlsbad), in their effort to repeal New Mexico’s tax on Social Security income. The entire House Republican caucus signed and delivered a letter urging […]

NM Budget outlook $94 million in the hole despite record surplus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 13, 2020 Contact: Matt Garcia-Sierra, Current NM Budget outlook is $94 million in the hole despite record surplus Santa Fe, NM- The Legislative Finance committee releases to staff a daily update on the state’s fiscal health as the session budget is drafted and moves through the legislative process. House Republican leaders […]