Bill to decertify NM electors presented by Rep. Brown

Rep. Brown introduces bill to decertify New Mexico Biden electors Carlsbad, NM – The New Mexico 2021 legislative session will begin at noon on January 19. Starting this week, legislators have started to pre-file legislation for consideration during the 60-day session. State Representative Cathrynn Brown has announced that she will introduce a bill to decertify […]

Gov adjust retail limits, frontline workers still awaiting relief

Gov flip flops on retail restrictions while frontline, low-wage workers await needed relief Santa Fe – Today, with less than two weeks remaining in the holiday shopping season, the Lujan Grisham administration finally walked back retail capacity restrictions that have been forcing New Mexicans to wait in long lines for food and other necessities. This […]

NM Budget Outlook Updated

House GOP urges caution as NM budget outlook is updated Santa Fe – Today, the Legislative Finance Committee received an updated revenue outlook for New Mexico’s budget as the state continues under the forced economic shutdown imposed by Governor Lujan Grisham. The turmoil in the state budget began in mid-March 2020 when oil and gas […]

MLG’s flip-flop is too late for many in NM

House GOP: Gov’s flip-flop on COVID response is too-little, too-late for many in NM Santa Fe – Following Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s last-minute holiday scramble to provide COVID-19 relief to businesses and unemployed New Mexicans, the Governor is now reversing course on her statewide approach. The Governor will now implement a “county-by-county, three-tiered” system for […]

Special Session Coronavirus relief

Minor glimpse of bipartisanship led by House Republicans Santa Fe – House Bill 1, the 2nd 2020 Special Session Coronavirus Relief bill, still leaves much to be desired, however consideration given to House Republican concerns signaled a rare moment of bipartisanship. House Republican efforts in negotiating and drafting of amendments produced a unique opportunity for across-the-aisle […]

Public cannot be excluded from the People’s House

GOP Leader Townsend: The public cannot be excluded from the People’s House Late last week, the New Mexico Legislative Council, a bipartisan panel made up of House and Senate leadership, was presented a potential plan to hold the upcoming 2021 Legislative session in a hybrid format that would have the legislature contract with the Santa […]

Ethics Commision clears Dow in false complaint

State Ethics Commission clears Rep. Dow of false and baseless political complaint  Truth or Consequences – The New Mexico State Ethics Commission (SEC), late yesterday evening, dismissed the frivolous and politically motivated claims made against State Representative Rebecca Dow. The SEC provided notice to Rep. Dow of probable dismissal of the false claims filed against […]

NM Governor blasted for COVID response

House GOP blasts Governor for not taking responsibility of COVID crisis Santa Fe- Today, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham extended the economic shutdown citing concerns over the increase in COVID-19 cases, despite the state having some of the most restrictive public health orders in the nation.  House Republican Leader Jim Townsend and Whip Rod Montoya expressed […]

GOP calls out progressives for silence

House GOP calls out progressives for silence that justifies public destruction Farmington – Following the destruction of one of New Mexico’s oldest historic monuments, House Democrats released a statement “condone[ing] violence,” and later corrected it to “condemn[ing] violence.” The Freudian slip follows months of silence by progressive lawmakers on the violent and destructive – “mostly peaceful protests.” The statement, released […]

House GOP is Backing the Blue

House Republicans are “Backing the Blue,” reaffirming longstanding commitment to NM law enforcement Santa Fe – The New Mexico House Republican Caucus today expressed their longstanding commitment to New Mexico law enforcement. In an open letter to “Backing the Blue,” all 24 House Republican Representatives conveyed their support for NM law enforcement and committed to […]

NM Ethics Commission asked to dismiss false political claims

NM Ethics Commission receives motion to dismiss politically motivated and false charges Truth or Consequences-  Representative Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences) filed with the State Ethics Commission a motion to dismiss the ethics complaint filed by her opponent.  “I have requested the State Ethics Commission immediately dismiss the false and baseless claims my opponent filed against […]

NM Dems celebrate windfall as NM unemployment ranks 6th worst in nation

New Mexico Democrats Celebrate Temporary Windfall as NM Unemployment Ranks 6th Worst in the Nation Santa Fe – Governor Lujan Grisham’s finance officials today shared their budget outlook with state legislators. The latest budget revenues are higher than expected, leading officials to prematurely celebrate a better than expected budget outlook as the state heads into the […]

House GOP blasts misuse of Ethics Commission

House GOP blasts absurd ethics claim and misuse of new Ethics Commission Santa Fe – House Republican Leadership today blasted an absurd and improper ethics complaint, and asked the State Ethics Commission to immediately dismiss the politically motivated claim. The three-time democrat challenger of Representative Rebecca Dow filed the absurd claim just as the window […]

CYFD must address child abuse underreporting in NM

CYFD urged to seriously address underreporting of child abuse as NM schools remain closed Santa Fe – Several House Republican Legislators, and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Board of Education member, Peggy Muller-Aragon, today urged the NM Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD) to address the underreporting of suspected child abuse during the continued schools shutdown. […]

Governor evicts PRC from their offices during COVID crisis

House GOP Leadership calls out Governor for retaliatory eviction of PRC Santa Fe, NM – House Republican Leadership recently questioned the Lujan Grisham administration about their forced eviction of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC), and why the relocation of the PRC has not been resolved.  In March 2020, following the Governor’s attempted takeover […]

NM Gov and Health Secretary issued a restraining order over restaurant restrictions

Governor temporarily restricted from enforcing restaurant closures and fines Santa Fe, NM – Today a District Court Judge issued a temporary restraining order against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Secretary of Health in response to the administration’s extreme tactics for compliance in the state’s economic shutdown.  “Fortunately, it looks like our liberties […]

Rep. Tim Lewis stepping down after decade of service

Rio Rancho Representative Tim Lewis to not seek reelection and end term in 2020 Rio Rancho, NM— After serving nearly 10 years in the New Mexico state Legislature representing District 60 in Rio Rancho, Tim Lewis is withdrawing his candidacy for reelection. Lewis is planning on serving the remainder of his current term that ends […]

Shifting scope and target of Governor’s orders should worry New Mexicans

Farmington, NM – This week the Governor has continued targeting New Mexico restaurants, revoking operating licenses from a handful of establishments that protested the forced economic shutdown by allowing patrons to dine-in.  Governor Lujan Grisham has used the license revocation tactic in a separate earlier incident with a restaurant in Silver City. A judge subsequently […]

GOP rallies support for NM businesses targeted by MLG

House Republicans rally support for restaurant owners and employees targeted by Governor’s mandates Santa Fe, NM – House Republicans today sent a letter to Governor Lujan Grisham announcing their support for the thousands of New Mexicans and local businesses that will be adversely affected by Governor Lujan Grisham’s health recently issued health order. It has […]

One size does not fit all in NM Schools COVID strategy

One size does not fit all: Children’s success must be at the forefront in determining schools COVID strategy Artesia, NM – House Republican Leader Jim Townsend, House Republican Whip Rod Montoya, and House Republican Caucus Chair Candy Ezzell today sent a letter to Governor Lujan Grisham and Public Education Secretary Ryan Stewart expressing concerns with the […]

Gov’s $150 million cash grab will hurt New Mexicans

Governor’s $150 million cash grab will hurt local governments Artesia, NM – At the start of New Mexico’s fiscal year, Governor Lujan Grisham vetoed $150 million of federal CARES Act funding for local municipalities. The veto was one of many that the executive made to House Bill 1, the legislature’s emergency solvency measure to counteract […]

NM House GOP asks Gov to support County Fairs

House GOP encourages Governor to support County Fairs Roswell, NM- The New Mexico agriculture community is facing unprecedented uncertainty as the Governor’s public health orders continue with no indication of decreased restrictions. County Fairs are no exception to the forced shutdown, leading to more than 2,000 New Mexicans, along with all 24 House Republican members […]

Embarrassing session stumbles into fifth day

Embarrassing Session stumbles into fifth day Santa Fe- Today is Monday, June 22, the fifth day of the 2020 special legislative session. The House of Representatives could possibly be here through Wednesday. The Senate on the other hand, finished their work on Saturday afternoon. The session has been marred with confusion, lapses in public transparency, […]

House GOP calls out smoke and mirrors budget

House GOP calls out smoke and mirrors budget Santa Fe- This evening the New Mexico House of Representatives passed House Bill 1 on a party line vote of 46 – 24. House Republicans voted no on the measure because this budget does not address the government spending increases over the past two years and will […]