Farmington, NM – This week the Governor has continued targeting New Mexico restaurants, revoking operating licenses from a handful of establishments that protested the forced economic shutdown by allowing patrons to dine-in. 

Governor Lujan Grisham has used the license revocation tactic in a separate earlier incident with a restaurant in Silver City. A judge subsequently told the State of New Mexico to reissue the license and allow the establishment to operate. The ever shifting scope of the Governor’s emergency powers have sparked criticism across the state, with many New Mexicans participating in a virtual protest against the executive’s targeting one specific industry. 

“We have now seen the depths to which Governor Lujan-Grisham will go to get her way,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya. “Pulling restaurant food prep licenses by claiming an “imminent health hazard” when she has shown zero data proving that dine-in restaurants are causing increased infections is suspicious at best. The Governor is using state agencies that she controls as tools to bully less favored New Mexicans into submission and ruin their lives, simple as that.“