House Republicans are “Backing the Blue,” reaffirming longstanding commitment to NM law enforcement

Santa Fe – The New Mexico House Republican Caucus today expressed their longstanding commitment to New Mexico law enforcement. In an open letter to “Backing the Blue,” all 24 House Republican Representatives conveyed their support for NM law enforcement and committed to finding commonsense solutions for criminal justice reform.

From the letter: “We believe there is no issue as important as supporting our Law Enforcement professionals who risk their lives daily to keep our communities and families safe and secure. We fundamentally reject any effort by either the State Legislature or local governments to defund Law Enforcement agencies. Such action during a time when New Mexico is struggling to reduce violent crime is irresponsible and will only further put both law enforcement officers and the general public in greater danger. Rather than trying to defund law enforcement agencies, public officials should be reassuring law enforcement agencies of their commitment to maintaining, if not increasing, funding in order to provide sufficient resources to fight New Mexico’s unacceptable crime problem.”

Numerous progressive and left-wing organizations have recently advocated for defunding law enforcement in New Mexico.   In an effort to reassure NM’s law enforcement professionals that the entire caucus of the New Mexico House Republicans is ready and willing to lend support to public safety officials and their families, the Open Letter made it clear they would oppose these radical anti-police advocates and will work with law enforcement to keep the most dangerous offenders off our streets.