March 29, 2021

Governor burns public transparency on marijuana

Santa Fe, NM- The New Mexico Legislature will meet for special session in less than 24-hours to address the Governor’s failed pot legalization measure. The original five proposals spectacularly went up in smoke in the final days of first 60-day session. Despite the special session beginning in less than 24-hours and despite reports that a deal on marijuana legislation has been cut, the bill has yet to be reviewed by the public. 

“The past sixty days have been defined by the Governor and Democrats silencing the voice of the people, and the silence has become deafening following the crash and burn of their pot bill,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “If legalizing marijuana is truly about the people, you would think that New Mexicans from all walks of life would have the opportunity to contribute to the process, especially when it failed so miserable at the last minute due to too many cooks in the kitchen. Transparency is key to the public good, and so far all I can tell you is that transparency in this building is on shaky ground.”