NM House GOP pushes back on Biden effort to silence parents

24 House Members call on Gov and NM AG to reject Biden plan to silence parents

Santa Fe, NM – The House Republican Caucus in the New Mexico Legislature today advocated to the Governor and NM Attorney General to respect and protect the rights of parents and other concerned citizens who wish to assemble peacefully and express their opinions at local school boards in the state. The letter follows recent announcements by President Biden’s Attorney General to direct the FBI and US Attorney’s Office to coordinate with local law enforcement to combat individuals protesting at local school board meetings. 

The 24 members of the House Republican Caucus urge the Governor and NM Attorney General to join other states in not cooperating with federal agents who try to deny parents or community members their constitutional rights at a public meeting. They further clarify that House Republicans do not support or tolerate violence perpetrated against school officials, and will condemn any such behavior. The caucus also writes that law enforcement efforts, especially action by federal agents, should not be used for political purposes or to hinder the people’s right to freedom of speech, and the right to peacefully assemble.

The New Mexico Public Education Department’s controversial Social Studies Standards are up for public comment through November 12, 2021.


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