House Dems silent AGAIN on separation of powers

686 days into one-politician control, House Dems again allow Governor free rein in Emergency Powers Act 

Santa Fe – Today a democrat-controlled committee in the NM House of Representatives refused to move forward a bipartisan effort to provide voters with an opportunity to make changes to the Emergency Powers Act to allow The People’s elected Representatives and Senators to have input in emergency declarations. The current COVID-19 emergency has provided Governor Lujan Grisham 686 days of unilateral and unchallenged emergency authority. Lujan Grisham has additionally publicly shirked the separation of powers between the legislature and executive branches earlier in 2021 by declaring sole authority in attempting to spend over a billion dollars in federal COVID relief. 

“I am disappointed that not more Democrats on the committee would vote to preserve the separation of powers and advance the measure that would ensure that the legislature has a rightful place at the table during extended emergencies,” said State Representative Greg Nibert (R-Roswell). “It is the legislative branch that is the voice of the people, and their voices should be heard.”

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