‘Tough on crime’ Dems fail to take crime seriously

‘Tough on crime’ Dems block bail bond reform, turning their backs on victims of increased crime

Santa Fe – House Democrats blocked common-sense bail bond reform, despite launching a ‘tough on crime’ meetings initiative in the wake of increased violent crime across New Mexico. HJR 4 is a bail bond reform measure presented by Representative Bill Rehm that would allow voters to decide on a measure that would clarify the 2016 Bail Bond constitutional amendment.

Bottom-line, the progressive-bloc cannot continue to talk out of both sides of their mouth trying to be ‘tough on crime’ while also refusing to allow any Republican sponsored efforts to stem out of control crim to move forward,” said State Representative Bill Rehm (R-Albuquerque). I am so disappointed that the progressives flat out refuse to provide, not only justice, but commonsense reform for this crime problem that their caucus has already refused to address for at least two-decades.”

HJR 4 was tabled on a party line vote of 5-3 with the Democrat Caucus Whip Rep. Doreen Gallegos abstaining from taking a position on the matter.

Rep. Rehm continued, “The voters have been demanding that we amend the bail bond constitutional change, and now the Democrats have ensured that The People’s voice will not be heard on this important issue in November.”


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