It is Groundhog day, again, in NM

It is Groundhog Day, again, in New Mexico: 693 days to slow the spread, continued rising violent homicide, and nearly two-years of education failure

Santa Fe – House Republicans today commemorated Groundhog day, again, in New Mexico by recognizing the failures of progressive politics. Progressive Governor Lujan Grisham today is recognized for her record-breaking 693 days to slow the spread of COVID-19, which began on March 11, 2020. Additionally, House Republicans recognize the just recent change in messaging from the progressive-bloc of lawmakers in finally becoming ‘tough on crime’ with their ‘meetings’ in Albuquerque in the midst of 117 violent homicides, that broke the record that was last reached in Governor Lujan Grisham’s first year in office. Additionally, House Republicans commemorate the progressive’s inaction on issues important to New Mexicans that includes; fully repealing social security tax, limiting the Governor’s powers, fixing the broken and failed education system, and finding replacement jobs for Navajo workers that were laid off because of their Green New Deal. 

It is Groundhog day, again, in New Mexico and we have seen this movie before, and we all know it ends with New Mexico losing. 


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