Democrats vote in favor of power blackouts

House Democrats vote in favor of power blackouts

Santa Fe – On Valentine’s Day 2022, the love fest between the New Mexico House Democrat Caucus and their special interest donors continued. Following House Republican Leader Jim Townsend’s move to blast HB 220 to the Chamber, and House Republican Whip Rod Montoya’s call of the House, Democrats voted in favor of doing nothing to avoid expected power blackouts.

“New Mexicans are simply asking to continue to count on their electricity and for it to remain affordable,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “The crisis is coming and I am very disappointed that our colleagues have decided to ignore this looming power blackout crisis.”

HB 220 is a bill that would have ensured that the San Juan Generating Station would remain operating for two more years, saving many Navajo jobs. The measure would also ensure that NM utility rates would remain affordable and avoid the expected power blackouts that PNM and many media outlets have been covering. 

“We cannot simply allow our jobs to be taken away, and power blackouts to run rampant when we have a viable option on the table,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington). “We received tri-partisan support for addressing this issue and New Mexicans deserve to have at minimum expectation that their power will remain reliable and affordable.”

Discussion on HB 220 received tri-partisan support from Republican, Democrat, and Independent lawmakers but was ultimately voted down by the progressive majority.


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