MLG and Democrats conspire to change election law and spend pork funds

After facing the embarrassment of a historic veto override in a legislature-led extraordinary session, the Governor has convened with Democrats, without public input, to garner the support of enough Democrats to end their pursuit of an extraordinary session. Instead, she will call a special session and the unhappy Democrats will re-introduce the Junior Appropriations Bill, which she will now sign, in order to avoid having her veto overridden and public acknowledgement of Democrat’s loss in confidence of the administration.

Dems lose confidence in MLG & plot Extraordinary Session

NM Dems lose confidence in MLG after vetoes, plot Extraordinary Session Santa Fe – Members of the Legislature are reporting that the Democratic Caucus has lost confidence in the Governor.  Less than 24 hours after she vetoed legislative projects, members of the Democratic caucus were polled and are now reportedly in full support off callingContinue reading “Dems lose confidence in MLG & plot Extraordinary Session”

MLG attacks NM economy, USA energy independence

STATEMENT: House Republican Leader Jim Townsend on Lujan Grisham’s tone-deaf ozone precursor rule hearing in the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB 21-27): “On the day that New Mexico broke the record for the highest gas prices in state history, Governor Lujan Grisham has directed her political appointees to double down on limiting not only oil and gas operations,Continue reading “MLG attacks NM economy, USA energy independence”

NM House GOP opposes MLG’s CRT agenda

NM House Republicans oppose Gov’s CRT curriculum and encourage local school boards to adopt their own standards Santa Fe – House Republican Leadership issued a letter to the NM Public Education Department (PED) in opposition to the final rule on the new K-12 social studies curriculum standards. The new standards implement fundamentally flawed concepts ofContinue reading “NM House GOP opposes MLG’s CRT agenda”