Dems lose confidence in MLG & plot Extraordinary Session

NM Dems lose confidence in MLG after vetoes, plot Extraordinary Session

Santa Fe – Members of the Legislature are reporting that the Democratic Caucus has lost confidence in the Governor.  Less than 24 hours after she vetoed legislative projects, members of the Democratic caucus were polled and are now reportedly in full support off calling themselves into extraordinary session to override the Governor’s veto. 

“It is astonishing to see how weak this Governor has become over the last year,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington).  “Democrat members of the Legislature were at her beck and call for three years and are now willing to, in an unprecedented manner call themselves into a special session, during the Governor’s first term, to override her vetoes. We typically only see actions like this when dealing with a lame duck Governor who no longer holds sway over their political party.”


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