National GOP committee announces NM as a target state for 2022

BREAKING: Republican State Leadership Committee announces New Mexico as a GOP target state

Santa Fe – Today the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced a list of target states for the November election. New Mexico is listed as a state with an opportunity for ‘Meaningful Gains in Liberal Strongholds.’ Given the current out-of-control inflation and highest fuel and energy prices in state history, public sentiment for progressive eco-activism and coastal elite donors has significantly waned in the solidly blue state.

“The past three months have revealed significant fissures both within the Democrat caucuses and between Democrat lawmakers and Governor Lujan Grisham,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “It is no surprise that nationally, New Mexico will be at play in pushing back against radical progressives who have failed, at every opportunity, in delivering their so-called progressive utopia. New Mexicans are ready for serious leadership that values New Mexicans over the donors and special interest groups that Democrats kowtow to. Instead of hearing the desperate pleas from New Mexicans to meaningfully address violent crime, stabilize energy and fuel costs, and correct the course on education, this Governor and Democrats did nothing substantial for the thirty days we were in Santa Fe. Change is coming in November, and we can already hear Democrats plotting against Lujan Grisham to save themselves from her sinking ship.”

As it continues to build on shocking the nation with major victories in Virginia and New Jersey last November, the RSLC today announced its state legislative targets for 2022. The list of target states comes as state Democrats across the country find themselves on defense for being in lockstep with President Biden and his failed liberal agenda that has led to rising inflation, surging crime, and unions still having more say in education than parents.

“We may have started the cycle exclusively trying to defend our razor-thin majorities, but the failures of President Biden and his Democrat allies in the states have created opportunities for us to go on offense in places we never could have imagined,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “Democrats across the country will be held accountable for standing by Joe Biden and the disastrous policies that have given us the highest inflation in 40 years, record gas prices, raging crime, and learning loss for an entire generation of kids.” 

The RSLC today also released a new video emphasizing the committee’s mission this year to hold its ground and fight for more across the country. Watch “Defend America” HERE


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