MLG and Democrats conspire to change election law and spend pork funds

BREAKING: MLG conspiring to change election laws in secret Democrat backroom meetings

Santa Fe – According to credible sources, House and Senate Democrats are now in secret negotiations with the Governor to convene a special session. After facing the embarrassment of a historic veto override in a legislature-led extraordinary session, the Governor has convened with Democrats, without public input, to garner the support of enough Democrats to end their pursuit of an extraordinary session. Instead, she will call a special session and the unhappy Democrats will re-introduce the Junior Appropriations Bill, which she will now sign, in order to avoid having her veto overridden and public acknowledgement of Democrat’s loss in confidence of the administration. In addition to addressing the Governor’s veto of the Junior Appropriations Bill, secret discussions are taking place to revive the controversial election code changes and hydrogen hub legislation that were defeated just weeks ago.

“It is obvious that Lujan Grisham doesn’t believe that she can win re-election without changing our election laws just months before New Mexican voters are set to decide if she has done a good enough job to stay in office,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington). “It is time for the governor and Democrat leaders in the House and Senate to stop the secret backroom dealing. Their actions reek of the corruption and politics New Mexicans have grown tired of.”


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