House GOP Whip calls on NM schools to reject MLG’s racist agenda

NM House GOP Whip calls on NM school boards to reject MLG’s racist curriculum

Santa Fe —   As part of an effort to stop the implantation of new K-12 social studies standards approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), state House Republican Whip, Rep. Rod Montoya (R-Farmington) recently sent an open letter to New Mexico’s local school board members and school superintendents encouraging them to reject these new academic standards.  Rep. Montoya is asking local school officials to take this unprecedented step because PED’s new social studies standards are nothing more than an a poorly disguised effort to indoctrinate New Mexico children with the failed concepts of Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory.  

Rep. Montoya’s open letter further outlines how the new K-12 social studies standards were developed by PED by disregarding the many concerns expressed by parents, elected officials, school administrators, and teachers, and instead PED is acting like a rogue special interest group that is determined to divide New Mexico by race and income.  

“Local school districts should never be forced by Santa Fe education bureaucrats to adopt academic standards and related curriculums that are designed to fulfill a political agenda that teaches children that they should feel responsible for historical events that took place hundreds of years before they were born.  Nor should any student be taught that our country is so inherently racist and the economic system is so rigged against them that they are incapable of achieving any real success on their own,” Rep. Montoya wrote in the letter.

Rep. Montoya’s open letter also noted how similar progressive political agendas have recently been pushed in schools across the country and how concerned parents, school employees, and taxpayers have strongly opposed such pro-Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory teachings and have been successful in defeating those efforts.  In turn, Rep. Montoya’s letter explains how New Mexico local school boards and superintendents should also expect widespread support from New Mexico residents and families if they also aggressively oppose these unacceptable social studies mandates.  Rep. Montoya encouraged local school districts to develop their own social studies curriculums that reflect local traditions and values.  

At the close of the letter, Rep. Montoya wrote, “These new K-12 social studies standards are just the beginning of an effort to diminish the authority of parents, school boards, and superintendents in determining what education is best for their kids.  If the New Mexico Public Education Department is successful in forcing these new standards into our schools, local control of education in our state will be never be possible again.”   

A copy of the letter is attached to this press release.


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