House GOP response to 2023 budget bill

House Republican response to budget legislation

Santa Fe – Today the NM House of Representatives debated the state budget bill, HB 2. The General Appropriation Act of 2023 marks a 12.4% increase in government spending and continues the rapid expansion of state government in New Mexico over the last four years.

“New Mexico needs to be very careful, as we are increasing government spending at an alarming rate.  We are spending more money than ever, yet our state continues to rank at the very bottom of critical rankings like education, healthcare, and public safety ,” said House Republican Leader Ryan Lane (Aztec). “Until we get serious about reforming how we provide these services, all this spending will unfortunately do little to move the needle for the people of this state. I cannot support a budget designed for short-term political wins, instead of long-term strategic goals that will benefit New Mexicans well into the future.”

The $1 billion increase in government spending comes as New Mexicans are dealing with inflation, increased energy costs, and a possible looming recession.

“I cannot imagine many New Mexicans are too pleased to see Santa Fe spending billions with such little strategic planning when they are facing ever increasing costs to simply live their lives,” said House Republican Whip Greg Nibert (Roswell). “We cannot forget that this surplus comes largely from one industry, the same one that Democrats in this House aim to eliminate- oil and gas.  Common sense demands a conservative budget when based on a very volatile industry like oil and gas.”


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