Lawmakers call out Gov and unelected appointees

Legislators call out backroom eco-deals that will limit vehicle purchases for New Mexicans

SANTA FE – The New Mexico House of Representatives Republican Caucus today issued a public comment strongly opposing the Environmental Improvement Board’s (EIB) efforts to impose unproven mandates on vehicle manufacturers by manipulating the consumer market in favor of expensive electric vehicles and limiting other vehicle sales. The EIB is an unelected board appointed by the Governor.  

The twenty-five lawmakers who signed the letter for public comment, issued the following statement:

House Republicans believe this excessive and unnecessary proposed rule is politically motivated and pandering to the eco-dreams for Albuquerque and Santa Fe progressives. The Governor and her political appointees do not care how this proposed rule will place an undue financial burden on rural communities across the state. They would rather force California–style “climate change” mandates and fees on New Mexico residents who live too far from highways and limited infrastructure to benefit from the rampant eco-subsidies that will almost solely benefit the eco-elite in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Rather than having unelected appointees decide what type of vehicles New Mexico consumers will be allowed to buy in the future, this issue should be considered by the full State Legislature in the upcoming 2024 Legislative session. The voice of the people should be listened to and not special interests and high-income progressives who do not understand the financial pressures New Mexico working families face daily.

The EIB’s proposed rule, which the governor advocates, will limit New Mexico consumers’ choices of the type of vehicles they want and need by forcing consumers to buy electric vehicles that are ill-suited for the long distances New Mexico drivers typically drive daily. The proposed rule also will result in New Mexico families paying thousands of dollars more for a new electric vehicle as compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle. 

The unelected EIB will discuss vehicle purchasing limitations [EIB 23-56 (R)] on November 13-15, 2023. The rule and commentary can be accessed via the EIB’s docketed matters page at

The letter from 25 lawmakers opposing the rule change is attached.


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