NM House GOP opposes MLG’s CRT agenda

NM House Republicans oppose Gov’s CRT curriculum and encourage local school boards to adopt their own standards Santa Fe – House Republican Leadership issued a letter to the NM Public Education Department (PED) in opposition to the final rule on the new K-12 social studies curriculum standards. The new standards implement fundamentally flawed concepts ofContinue reading “NM House GOP opposes MLG’s CRT agenda”

End of 2022 session

House GOP statement on end of 2022 Legislative Session Santa Fe – The 2022 Legislative Session concluded, Sine Die, today at noon. The New Mexico House of Representatives wrapped up over 24-hours of nearly nonstop debate on many important issues. With New Mexicans facing fallout from the Governor’s nearly two-year long COVID restrictions, hyper-inflation, eco-priceContinue reading “End of 2022 session”

Democrats vote in favor of power blackouts

House Democrats vote in favor of power blackouts Santa Fe – On Valentine’s Day 2022, the love fest between the New Mexico House Democrat Caucus and their special interest donors continued. Following House Republican Leader Jim Townsend’s move to blast HB 220 to the Chamber, and House Republican Whip Rod Montoya’s call of the House,Continue reading “Democrats vote in favor of power blackouts”

House GOP presents largest tax break for working families in NM history

NM House Republican budget: Putting New Mexico Working Families First Plan Reclaiming New Mexico’s future with the largest tax break for working families in state history Santa Fe – New Mexico House Republicans today presented their alternative proposal, the Putting New Mexico Working Families First Plan, to the state’s record-breaking $8.47 billion budget. The proposal,Continue reading “House GOP presents largest tax break for working families in NM history”

NM House GOP backs transformative education plans

House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia) today rolled out Republican backed transformative education policies designed to reverse historical deficiencies in New Mexico educational policy and funding. HJR 11, the Expanding Options for Educational Choice constitutional amendment, will empower students and families to have more options in educational choice. A second measure that will be filed today, is a House Bill that will allow voters to decide on breaking apart the state’s Public Education Department (PED) and create an elected Board of Education that would empower local control versus Santa Fe centered education policies. Additionally, Leader Townsend will file a House Memorial to direct the Legislative Education Study Committee to create a taskforce that would report back to the Legislature on potential rule changes necessary to enhance local school board control. 

House Dems silent AGAIN on separation of powers

The current COVID-19 emergency has provided Governor Lujan Grisham 686 days of unilateral and unchallenged emergency authority. Lujan Grisham has additionally publicly shirked the separation of powers between the legislature and executive branches earlier in 2021 by declaring sole authority in attempting to spend over a billion dollars in federal COVID relief. 

‘Tough on crime’ Dems fail to take crime seriously

‘Tough on crime’ Dems block bail bond reform, turning their backs on victims of increased crime Santa Fe – House Democrats blocked common-sense bail bond reform, despite launching a ‘tough on crime’ meetings initiative in the wake of increased violent crime across New Mexico. HJR 4 is a bail bond reform measure presented by RepresentativeContinue reading “‘Tough on crime’ Dems fail to take crime seriously”