Navajo opposition to Biden drill ban is backed by NM House GOP

House GOP backs Navajo Nation opposition to Biden drill ban Farmington, NM: House Republican leadership in New Mexico today announced their support of the 24th Navajo Nation Council’s opposition to President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s drilling ban. Hidden in the $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate change bill is a secretive “threat” to the livelihoods ofContinue reading “Navajo opposition to Biden drill ban is backed by NM House GOP”

Bipartisan opposition to oil and gas restrictions grows

Santa Fe – House Republican lawmakers today added their voice to bipartisan opposition for Lujan Grisham’s proposed oil and gas restrictions that would substantially harm both the operations of New Mexico’s oil and gas industries and state and local government revenues.  On September 20 and 21, the NM Environment Department is scheduled to present to the Environment ImprovementContinue reading “Bipartisan opposition to oil and gas restrictions grows”

CYFD Secretary exits amidst controversy

CYFD Secretary makes exit amidst brewing controversies Santa Fe, NM – Today the Children Youth and Families Department Cabinet Secretary, Brian Blalock resigned. House Republican lawmakers today issued the following statements concerning Blalock’s exit and serious concerns over the department’s performance. “I am not surprised that Secretary Blalock would resign- during the past two interimContinue reading “CYFD Secretary exits amidst controversy”